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433 MHz Learning Code EV1527 4 Channel RF Remote

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This universal wireless remote allows for connection to a wide range of 433 MHz receivers as well as fixed code learning function, making pairing to learning receivers a breeze.


  • 433 MHz Frequency
  • Versatile EV1527 format
  • Easy setup
  • Up to 100 metre range


Battery and Voltage CR2016 @ 3V
Transmission Power Aprox. 100mW
Transmission Speed 50-60KHz
Transmission Distance Up to 100m in open space
Format and Frequency

ASK Modulation

Learning Code (EV1527) format

433 MHz Frequency

What is EV1527 Format?

The EV1527 format uses 20 bits for identifying the remote and 4 bits for identifying buttons on that remote. This means remotes transmitting via EV1527 format can have 1,048,576 possible unique remote identifiers and up to 16 channels (buttons).

NOTE: It is not recommended to use EV1527 for high security applications.

What is ASK transmission?

ASK transmission uses a similar principal to AM radio. This allows these transmitters to reach larger distances and reduce power consumption.

In the box

1x 433 MHz remote transmitter

1x Key ring loop


Compatible Systems

These remotes can be used by learning them in to any 433 MHz EV1527 compatible receiver relay.

This remote will also work with the X series tideRF receivers.