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Argon ONE V2 Raspberry Pi 4 Case

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The Argon ONE V2 case turns the Raspberry Pi 4 in to a purpose built media center with front facing IR LED, standard HDMI and all rear facing ports.
  • Smart connector design.
  • Two rear facing full size HDMI ports.
  • Plastic base for better WiFi signals.
  • Passive cooling through metal casing.
  • Built-in fan with programmable speeds using script.

Integrated Cooling

The aluminium case connects to the processor through a thermal pad so that heat from the processor is transferred to the case. This results in the whole aluminium case turning into a heatsink. The case also coming in with a attachable fan to create some active cooling.

Easy Access Ports

All the port of the Raspberry Pi are directed towards the back of the case to minimalize the cable clutter.

Easy to Assemble

The case comes with a built in PCB board, silicon colling pad, a PCB Board that allows for HDMI ports. A Phillips head screwdriver and the four screws in the box is all that is needed.

Accessible GPIO Pins

This case was made to protect the Raspberry Pi without affecting the functionality. GPIO pins that are not in use are covered by a magnetic removable cover. This allows for accessibility of the GPIO pins at any time.

Safe Power Off

The case comes with a power off button through a one-line script installation, which allows for data to be stored safely before powering down.