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RGB Single LED Module for Arduino and Raspberry Pi SMD KY-009

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Brighten up your next project with full-colour adjustable LEDs!

  • 3 colour LED
  • 5V power input for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Adjustable via PWM for complete control

Add some colour to your Arduino project!

For use with Arduino and Raspberry Pi or other compatible microcontrollers.

Make use of full-colour mixing using PWM controls individually for each colour LED.

Use the following resistors on 3.3V or 5V systems such as Atmega or ARM powered controllers.

3.3V/5V Green = 100Ω

3.3V/5V Red= 180Ω

3.3V/5V Blue = 100Ω



 Voltage 5V input
Pins 1- Ground (GND)
2- Red (R) PWM
3- Green (G) PWM
4- Blue (B) PWM
PCB Size 16 x 20mm