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TideRF X Series 433MHz 4 Channel Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit

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The tideRF X Series kit is your plug and play solution for flexible wireless relay control. This kit offers extreme customisability with 3 built in operating modes, momentary, toggle and latching mode.

The tideRF T4 universal wireless remote allows connection to a wide range of 433 MHz receivers that comes with a fixed code learning function which allows for easy pairing to receivers.

Transmitter Features

  • Modern, stylish and compact design which fits perfectly in your pocket.
  • LED Indicator
  • Sliding cover
  • Dimensions: 7x 2.5 x 1cm(L X W X H)
  • 433 MHz frequency

The tideRF X2-240 is the perfect lightweight RF receiver for home automation, access control and DIY projects. Easy to use instructions make pairing your transmitters straightforward and easy.

Receiver Features

  • 433 MHz Frequency
  • Versatile EV1527 format
  • Easy setup
  • 2 Relay Channels with 2 input options per channel (e.g. latching mode)

Receiver Specifications

Model: X2-240
Modulation Mode: ASK
Operating Modes: Momentary, Toggle and Latching Mode.
RF Frequency: 433MHz
Input Voltage: AC 85V~250V
Standby Current:<8.5mA
Receiving Sensitivity: >97dbm
Remote Control Range: >50m 
Circuit Board Size: 7.3 x 5.2 x 2.5cm


What is EV1527 Format?

The EV1527 format uses 20 bits for identifying the remote and 4 bits for identifying buttons on that remote. This means remotes transmitting via EV1527 format can have 1,048,576 possible unique remote identifiers and up to 16 channels (buttons).

NOTE: It is not recommended to use EV1527 for high security applications.

What is ASK transmission?

ASK transmission uses a similar principal to AM radio. This allows these transmitters to reach larger distances and reduce power consumption.


In the box

  • 1x TideRF T4 433MHz remote.
    • With key ring loop
  • 1x TideRF X2 receiver